You Can Quit Smoking!
Discover your way to stop, forever.

You quit smoking when you have discovered your method.

This Site is for anyone who wants to stop smoking. This site identifies simple methods to quit smoking.

There is no one ultimate way to stop smoking except your way. Listen to no one and choose only your method. There are many quit smoking quotes, statistics, counselling and other forms of advice. Some good and some bad. Within you is where the answer is. 

You may have smoked for 5 minutes and are worried about the possible future effects on you.

You may have smoked for too many years that you want to mention. Maybe you are pregnant and are looking for advice on how to quit.

These pages will help you discover what method to use and the latest developments related to smoking cessation.

Please take a look at the Smoking Timeline below and note that after two days nicotine has left your body.

How to stop smoking advice is everywhere. Eat this, chew on that, join a group, endless commercials that keep reminding you of the very things you have given up and so anxiety sets in.

How do you quit smoking?

You discover a method to quit smoking that excites you.

You make a definite decision to quit and then you follow your method to the very end.

If it takes one hour to complete then so be it. If it takes twelve weeks then twelve weeks it is. You have to be definite in your decision. No going back.

When you stop and I mean really stop. You look back and there was a procedure to the ultimate decision, there was sort of an inner battle to get there, yet when the decisive action came. You just stopped.

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Believe in yourself. You can stop smoking.

Have you tried to stop many times and feel as though you just cannot do it? You thought you had succeeded and this time you felt you had quit forever and you felt proud of yourself. Only to find that one day the pressure mounted up and you started smoking once again after weeks of being smoke free. 

This feeling can be soul destroying and like you there have been many that have gone down that heavy route

They have lived the pain and wore the Tee-Shirt, and for most who feel that they cannot ever stop, it is like a Tattoo that can never be removed.

But it can!

It is not a Mountain. It is not even a hill once you have set your mind in motion to quit.

Why you-quit-smoking 

This site is dedicated to helping smokers understand how to quit smoking cigarettes by introducing different methods of cessation.

There is information regarding quit smoking withdrawal symptoms to the facts about smoking and the different methods to giving up.

Please be aware that there are many methods to giving up, however, there is no ultimate way to stop.

We are all different. We view the world differently and we all started smoking for different reasons and still continue for different reasons.

You have obviously come to this site seeking information to stop smoking and please believe that You can stop!!

THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. You can make your life 100% better by quitting. HOW?

The decisive decision and action is totally up to you but this decision is so important. Then with out a doubt you will just stop, you will know that you have smoked your last cigarette and the feeling will be fantastic.

Probably in previous attempts you wanted to quit and tried, but you were not definite in your decision. If you were definite then you would not be smoking now. This is the difference. This is the answer.

You will pass a smoker by and you will smile to yourself and you will rejoice that you do not smoke anymore. You will be so happy that you do not have to put up with the repeated thoughts of, "I will have to give up soon..... when I am ready".

If only you knew it; you are ready now. It is that easy, but first you have to get that thought in your head.

It is the only way that you will succeed. The method you choose is just the vehicle to your destination.

The method that you will decide to quit smoking is only the process, the mechanics, the tools and they are only used as back up. Your definite decision to quit is where the battle is won. Believe me or believe me not, it is not even a battle.

Don,t be one of those people who reach a point where they have to quit due to ill health, and then find it so easy to do that they wish they would have done it years ago or even worse; they sit and cough at you saying that they do not want to quit as they enjoy smoking too much. They don't, it is just that they have given up giving up.

Many people have reported that quitting was the best action they have ever taken in their lives.

Loved ones openly will celebrate.

You will too.

You Discover Your Method

One of the problems I found when giving up smoking was that I kept trying some method that worked for somebody else and they had informed me that their method was the ultimate method.

It was never my own, I could never quite relate to their 'Ultimate Method'. Until I gave up using my own Ultimate Method and that is exactly how you will give up.

When you find your method you will find it easy to stop.

It is very important that whatever method or methods you choose, never listen to the sceptics if they unfortunately cross your path.

There are many views on many subjects. Some people disagree with hypnosis. Others will tell you that medications are as bad as the cigarette you are trying to quit.

Do not be put off.

You decide. You choose what is right for you. Using medications have worked and so has hypnosis, acupuncture, herbal and a variety of other methods.

If you walk away as a non-smoker then who cares what method you have used. You have quit and that is all that matters.

You can stop smoking

I present different methods to quit smoking as they are. Not forced upon you or informing you that this is the best method or that is the best method.

  • YOU will know
  • YOU will decide
  • YOU will take action
  • YOU will succeed.

I hope everyone that browses this site succeeds in giving up through the information detailed and that you have discovered your way to stop smoking, forever.

If you do not smoke and are looking for information for someone that you are concerned about, please advise them to visit this site. It was created by someone who smoked 30 cigarettes a day for 30 years and one day, JUST quit smoking.

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