Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Self hypnosis can really give you positive results if you have an open mind.

It really suites people who enjoy visualization, although if you find it difficult to visualize you can still  use self hypnosis to quit smoking or use it for other parts of your life.

The facts about smoking can be daunting and so any method that works for you is a win, win situation.

Does Self Hypnosis Work for Quitting Smoking?

The answer is yes and no. If you find it difficult to accept hypnotism at all, you will find it very difficult to self hypnotize yourself. Your negative thoughts will over power any positive thoughts you may have. 

If you have an open mind regarding self hypnosis to quit smoking  then this method may just work for you. Even if you use it side by side of another stop smoking method such as using nicotine patches.

Please, no matter what you feel, at least give it a try. If anything, the method is very relaxing indeed.

 Actually, you are in some form of hypnosis every day in the form of a daydream, apparently at least five times a day. I think my Boss would not argue with that statement when thinking of me. What about you? Do you daydream?

Is Hypnotism safe?

If you decide to use hypnotism and you have some form of mental health issues then please have a word with your doctor first.

For the majority of people this method is safe. Not only that, it is 

  • Powerful
  • Relaxing
  • Very positive in practice
  • It works, for some people. Could be you?

What it is not is:

  • An evil mind control
  • Dirty trick
  • Occult

How does self hypnosis work?


In a relaxed state you feed positive thoughts deep into your sub-conscious repeatedly. The amount of times you can use this method is unlimited. Find yourself in paradise and imagine your smoke free self.

The thoughts that you suggest to your deeper self replace the negative thought patterns you had over time.

I work in construction and sometimes after heavy rain, the wagon on site form ruts in the mud. These ruts get deeper and deeper and rainwater gets stuck within the track. The site can come to a halt if nothing is done. This is like your old thoughts, clogging your body and slowing you down.

The new thoughts are like the excavator that brings stone to fill the holes and level off the track so that everything can move again and the project is then finished. Balance.

A  Common Method  To Self Hypnotise

  1. Choose a quiet time and a quiet spot.
  2. Choose a time where your energy is high so that you do not fall asleep.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position away from any potential noise like your phone.
  4. Take nice comfortable breaths, not labored.
  5. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  6. Gently rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
  7. Try and visualize or at least feel aware that you are at the top of stairs.
  8. As you breath picture yourself taking one step down the stairs at a time.
  9. Each step feel yourself gently becoming more relaxed a level deeper every time. Do this for each step down. You will relax deeper and deeper.
  10. Enter, after the last step, a place that will become your place only( This can be a beach, woodland, hill, room, top of a mountain…).
  11. Try and really visualize this place with all your senses. If you cannot see in your mind, just be aware of your special place (Each time you use self hypnosis, you will return to this special place)In this place you can sit or stand. It is time to speak.
  12. Use positive words such as, “ I am smoke free and my lungs are crystal clear”. Feel all your surroundings crystal clear also. Smell, touch, see anything that you wish. Just be involved in everything you experience while you are in your own trance.
  13. Repeat these words as many times as you wish It does not matter what you say as long as they are positive. Really believe in your own words.
  14. When you are ready Return to the imaginary stairs.
  15. Walk slowly up each rung. Feel yourself becoming more awake each step.
  16. Once you have reached the top you should be back in normal state.

Eventually, after you have used this method a number of times, you should not feel the desire to smoke.

This method can be used to help relieve:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Bad focus
  4. Sluggish feelings

And many more.

Take a look at this affiliate link which explains hypnosis at a deeper level and also has a very professional audio program that you can try at home.

Self Hypnosis for You

If you use this method then you will be empowering yourself.

You will be using a very powerful technique that uses guided imagery with positive suggestions.

Not only will you stop smoking, you will also become less stressed.

This method does take time and you need to build up your energy via the practice to truly feel the benefits of self hypnosis. It is very relaxing and very enjoyable.

Good luck and please let me know your thoughts on this subject.

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